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The Graze Box

Our weekly selection of fruits and vegetables which is sure to

excite your palate while reducing food waste.

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What Will I Get In A Box?

Each box consists of about 15 types of vegetables, fruits and products that are hand-picked for you on the packing day. Consider it a mystery box with an element of surprise which will definitely spark your creativity in cooking.


Can I Pick and Choose My Items?

We are unable to provide a list of available items as we are dealing with surplus food. However, you can indicate in the remark column if you have any allergies that we should take note of.


What is Surplus Food?

Surplus food includes produce with imperfections (scars, bruises, odd shapes, discolouration), excess in supply, and products that are nearing their best before dates or expiry dates.


What if the Items I Received are of Unacceptable Standards

We strive to provide you with the best selections with a short delivery time, however, there might be times where the produce or product reaches you spoilt. Do contact us at 014-2282530 and we will refund or exchange the item for you immediately.


What is Special About Graze Box?

All items that are sent to you are considered surplus food which might be discarded in the near future if no one purchases them. You are directly reducing food from going to waste with every box purchase which brings 3 benefits; 1. Reduce losses of the farmers, 2. Discounts of 30%-50% from the regular price and 3. Reduce the effects of climate change. 


Are the items organic?

We currently do not offer a 100% pesticide-free range box however, we will continue to build our range to include that. The current regular box consists of both regular and pesticide-free produce. 


We produce these sauces using surplus ingredients. We make them in small batches without preservatives and MSG.

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