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OUR work

Graze Market’s currently operates from its warehouse in Petaling Jaya.

Due to the pandemic, we are currently focusing our efforts toward delivering food aid to the underserved communities through sponsorship programs. 

We are opening a retail space at our current warehouse in July 2022 (Stay tuned!).


OUR team


Founder & CEO

Clara is passionate about two things: serving the poor and serving good food. This is
why it’s only natural that these twin ideals inspired the foundation of Graze Market.
Having worked with Malaysia’s underserved for more than 9 years through various
non-profit organisations, she continues to live out her personal commitment to social
involvement through Graze Market. Her dream is to see Graze Market flourish as a
holistic social business that meets the quadruple bottom line performance.



Shirley is passionate about maintaining a healthy lifestyle, particularly through eating
right and exercising. The idea of Graze Market immediately piqued her interest as she
is a vegetarian hungry for new business experiences. Shirley has been a core team
member in building the foundational works of Graze Market’s operation since it
started. Her desire is to advocate food waste reduction efforts to the public while
helping the poor gain access to nutritious food.


Operations Lead

Yvonne's dream is to operate her own cafe becauseshe enjoys preparing meals for others. She decided to join Graze Market to help build the sauce production line while completing her Masters in Counselling. Prior to this, she was working as a partnership lead in a local not-for-profit organisation for 3 years. Her skills in planning, organizing and attention to detail is what makes her a great addition to our team. Born in Kuching, Sarawak, Yvonne believes that lives can be positively impacted with love.


OUR story

Graze Market started in 2019 when we first saw how much good food is thrown away just because they do not meet the aesthetic criteria of the retail space. 

A little blemish here, a little black speck there, oddly shaped figure and discolouration are some of the reasons food gets rejected and discarded.

But aren’t we humans like that as well? We are all uniquely made and we are all not perfect.


What we are here to do is to provide a second chance for good food to be eaten rather than go to waste. Our produce are for the non-picky eaters who wants to play their part in reducing food waste in this nation, as well as helping Mother Earth to save its precious resources. It is for those who needs access to low-priced food given our global economic status. And it is for those who wants to celebrate that we are uniquely and wonderfully made!


OUR mission

Making affordable and nutritious food accessible to all

while breaking the cycle of food waste


thank you for journeying with us

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