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Free Food For All?

Venturing further into our mission, which is to make affordable and nutritious food accessible to all, we set up a Free Food Section in our physical store on 19 May 2020.

For this initiative, Graze Market aims to bridge the gap between surplus food and hunger. We serve as a "middleman" to connect contributors and beneficiaries, Any customers or people from the public are welcomed to contribute any extra food or beverage items, and on the other hand, people who are in need such as cleaners and security guards who work around our shop can have these items. We would even contribute these items that we received at our Free Food Section to specific households or communities who are in need.

We encourage contributions of extra food or beverage items which are not needed or wanted by households, or even those that are near to expiry. Rather than storing up unwanted or soon-to-expire food or beverage items, anyone can feel free to drop them off at our store, and we will be glad to place them on our Free Food Section shelf, so that our store patrons who are in need can grab them for free! Moreover, if there is a big bulk of items which any household or contributor would like to contribute,we would be more than happy to schedule a pick-up for the items!

It is great to see that our Free Food Section has been receiving quite a good response from our customers ever since we launched the initiative. We received all sorts of food and beverage item contributions, such as: biscuits, snacks, candy, cereal and more. We had even donated milk powder that we received, to the poor, which is the ultimate goal of our initiative.

We certainly wish that our initiative here at Graze Market will be able to make a small and positive change bit by bit, and hopefully it can make a significant impact on the society in the near future.

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