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What Has Happened To Our Market?

Dear Grazers, here are some updates on our physical store at Sunwaymas.

Unfortunately, we are no longer actively selling our fresh produce at our physical store due to the pandemic. However, we might still have surprise sales whenever we receive an abundance of rejects from our suppliers and farmers. Stay up to date with our announcements via our social media pages!

On the bright side, we have now turned our shop into a kitchen! And yes, you may call us “chefs” now, as we will cook our surplus food and be selling them as sauces! Head on to our order page ( to order your box today. Our customers who have tasted them said that the sauces are the best! Don't believe it? Try it!

As for now, our kitchen will not be opened for walk-ins. For those who want to order vegetables, we are working on coming up with more exciting bags for you. Till then, do follow us on our social media pages: Graze Market for more details! #Staysafe

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