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The Tale of Two Homes

As Graze Market continuously strives to fight against food wastage, we are always looking to contribute to the community as well. This time around, we received a sum of donations from the kind-hearted to carry on with our cause - supplying our surplus vegetables to the less fortunate!

With that, we had in mind an organization to contribute to - the Siloam House ( It is a place called home for a group of people with intellectual disabilities, consisting of teenagers and adults without a home who have been neglected by their families; as well as children, either with aging parents who are unable to take care of them or with a single parent who cannot manage to take care of their special needs.

Their mission is to assist those with intellectual disabilities to find their permanent home where they can have a quality of life that encompasses companionship, the feeling of belongingness, self-acceptance, meaningful activities and work. On the other hand, their vision is to enable these people to live together as a family so that each may complement and help the other to live a meaningful and productive life in dignity and with self-respect, and also to see them working as one family, towards becoming self-supportive and independent of charity as far as possible.

To our dismay, we found out that they have moved from Cheras, Selangor, all the way to Karak, Pahang, which made it quite impossible for us to deliver our supplies there.

However, later on, we met another organization called Diamond Greens by Diamond Sustainable Alliances, at Bentong, Pahang. Their recent initiative was an organic farm, as a way to provide sufficient food for the children's home, and also to achieve financial sustainability for the home’s operations. The farm is at its infancy stage and thus, they have approached us to help them clear their surplus produce while they set up their sales platform.

[Photos of the organic vegetables grown]

Instantly, we spotted the opportunity of bridging these 2 homes together and achieving a win-win situation for all parties, as:

1. We may support Diamond Greens by purchasing their surplus vegetables.

2. We are able to provide fresh vegetables to the Siloam House.

3. The beneficiaries get to enjoy nutritious organic produce.

[David from Siloam and Jiwan from Diamond Greens]

We are truly appreciative of our donors for their contributions that allow us to be part of the story of these two homes. If you too would like to support initiatives like this, please head on to our order form for more information:!

You could also order your batch of organic vegetables from Diamond Greens here ( .

Thank you for supporting the local businesses as you #buyforimpact and support our journey to #fightfoodwaste!

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